Technical Support:

Our aim: quick response, accurate solution, efficient on-site service.

Remote technical support:

  • Mechanical and electrical troubles of corrugators
  • Mechanical and electrical troubles of printers and converting machines
  • Technology problems in making board or cartons
  • Machine upgrading solution
  • Intelligent factory logistics solution

If remote service can not solve your problem, J.S. Machine will send engineers to provide on-site service.

Spare Parts:

J.S. Machine is committed to providing you with the best spare parts and consumables, delivered as quickly as possible. These parts and consumables are available to you worldwide: we stock them at our service offices. For overseas market, local service office in Italy, Russia, Turkey, India, Iran, Vietnam and other countries. 

In addition, we have prepared all kinds of spare parts for you at J.S. Machine headquarters to ensure the supply of spare parts in case of emergencies of your equipment.

We have established partnerships with many express logistics companies to ensure that the accessories you need can be delivered to you in a timely and accurate manner. Once needed, we can also adopt unconventional delivery methods according to your needs. The fastest way to solve your urgent needs!

And now – because we understand your need to match quality with cost control, we’ve lowered prices on many of the parts you need to order regularly.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance:

J.S. Machine professional engineers provide free inspection for machines regularly, which helping customers finding out and solving problems timely.